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Speaking of Ben, his death was handled terribly. Did Peter even feel guilty and should he? We see him blame the thief but does he blame himself? Maybe but it's not developed.
It certainly wasn't clear, and I didn't really mind that. I think Peter's motivations and relationships were VERY different from the Raimi stuff. He's not driven by guilt in this movie, and his relationship with Uncle Ben wasn't as established.

Certainly causes a lack of emotional connection with the audience, but again, I didn't mind, because otherwise it would've been too much like the Raimi origin.

And although I agree that May was somewhat wasted (especially given the talented actress portraying her) I really didn't want more Aunt May speeches. That "I believe there's a hero in all of us" speech in Spiderman 2 is the only thing that keeps it from being a 10 in my eyes. Just too corny.
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