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That is another thing I didnt really like.. but I don't fault anyone for it, other than it is just the story that was told and really no other way to tell it, but I still didn't enjoy it:

The "Teen Romance" shit with Gwen Stacy and Parker... it felt a little too ABC Family! The romance in the original trilogy was really well done and not as cheesy.

But again, I know that this is a movie where the leads are in high school, and I guess that is the only way to have told that story, and hopefully in future installments that relationship will mature along with the rest of the stories.

Can anyone who is familiar with the Gwen Stacy/ Mary Jane thing clue me in on that? In that I mean, well, what is the history of these 2 characters, when does Gwen Stacy go away and Mary Jane come in? Are these characters from 2 different universes of the story? I am not a comic book guy, so please forgive my ignorance!
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