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Can anyone who is familiar with the Gwen Stacy/ Mary Jane thing clue me in on that? In that I mean, well, what is the history of these 2 characters, when does Gwen Stacy go away and Mary Jane come in? Are these characters from 2 different universes of the story? I am not a comic book guy, so please forgive my ignorance!
Gwen Stacey was the original girlfriend. She came first, and a lot of the iconic silver age spiderman stories were with her. Remember the scene in the first Sam Raimi film were the Green Goblin forces Spiderman to choose between MJ and the school bus full of children? That was a Gwen Stacey story, and Raimi cut and pasted MJ. However, in the end, Gwen was brutally murdered, and because Marvel didn't have an "I got better" thing for non-powered superhero girlfriends (losing a loved one made the hero seem more "tragic" in those days) Gwen never really came back. Obviously, a new "significant other" was needed (or Spiderman might seem gay) so MJ was created. She is actually one of a multitude of women, some every other week, that Parker has been seeing, and he's often late to the appointment with the girl because he's busy saving New York as Spiderman. That, from my understanding, is the gist of it.

Keep this much in mind too, before you get too judgemental, Male superheroes having two "significant others" (and understand, MJ is the one who got Pete to walk down the isle, before the greatest of all Spiderman villians, Joe Quesada, retconned it. Damn you, Quesada, must you take away our last slice of innocense?) is a pretty common thing. Superman had Lois Lane and Lana Lang (although Lana is clearly the "option B", she still counts. DC created her because they needed a romantic interest for Superboy comics in the silver age when CK was still living in smallville. DC realized that you couldn't really have Lois in that scenario, because that would just be ridiculous. See, smallville, see what I did there?). Batman had the two mothers of his children, Talia Al Ghul and Selina Kyle, although if you ask me (and I'm in the minority here) I think Helena is way, way cooler than Damian will ever be. Then of course there's Kyle Rayner, who....never mind, it might offend female readers of this forum (okay, okay, just check out women in and don't say I didn't warn you)
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