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A minor complaint that I cringed at the moment I saw it was when Peter
catches the football and throws it at the goalpost and bends it......eesh. Obviously a fooseball would pop before bending a metal pole

I had a lot of minor issues like that with the film, such as:

Peter dunking from 20 feet away, having his whole body above the rim (so his vertical was over 10 feet) and shattering the backboard. Then, Spiderman shows up shortly after. No one puts two-and-two together?

What kind of high school has two chemical compounds in the open on the same table that, if combined, creates an explosive?

Why did the father on the bridge get out of his car and start running without taking his son out first?

As for the oft-mentioned character at the end:


I don't think it can be Norman. They made such a big deal about how close he was to death. Doesn't seem like he'd be up and about like that. But it has to be someone from Oscorp. Miles Warren (aka The Jackal) is a scientist who was close to Gwen Stacy. They could probably alter his history a bit in this universe and say he's a scientist for Oscorp. He would be my guess.

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