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I think people are seriously nitpicking. I liked it a lot more than Raimi's first attempt, and I even like it slightly more than Spider-Man 2. A lot of people bashed the creators behind it for going 'darker' but it's definitely fitting. I loved every cast member more than anyone in the original trilogy. I preferred Gwen Stacey over Mary Jane. I thought the Lizard was properly handled, as was Uncle Ben's death. The only problem I really had was Spider-Man searching for Uncle Ben's murderer for 30 minutes then all of the sudden it's no longer important. I look forward to the sequel in two years--I really am interested in seeing what they do with Green Goblin and possibly killing off Stacey.

The problems I have with the movie are as follows

1. What happened to the SWAT team that the Lizard turned into his comrades? It only shows them at the end as being partially lizard, I thought they would have fought for him?

2. After the bridge sequence, what happens to Dr. Rajit Ratha? I guess he decided he didn't want to visit the Veteran hospital anymore?

3. The crane sequence was definitely the worst part of the movie.


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