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Do the next gen consoles need to look like "consoles?"

A recent thread posted leaked documents from Microsoft that were supposedly about their next system. In it was a mock up of the new system, and it pretty much looked like a nondescript DVD player, not a traditional console. So that raises the question:

Do consoles need to look like consoles anymore?

Should they continue to have unique designs that are instantly recognizable, or should they seamlessly vanish into out home theater systems as just another component?

I'm not sure were I stand, exactly. I mean, there's no real reason for them to look all goofy and shit, but at the same time I'd hate to see consoles look like bland, black boxes.

I actually really liked the faceplate idea from the Xbox 360, but apparently no one else did, so the idea of customizing the look of any new system is probably out of the question.
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