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Seems like it will cross 300 mil, more like is guaranteed too, even with TDKR on the horizon. It's going to clear 200 mil by the end of the weekend so it will easily breeze past the 300 mil mark . It's going to go above 400 mil domestic.

Don't know why people doubted it's box office apeal and i don't know where you are getting the lack of buzz angle, this thing has massive beehives running around, of course not as much as Batman but it's there . Early afternoon showing at the local theater on tuesday was sold out, nobody ever goes there before 12 but for this movie they did .

This just confirms what i already suspected, TDKR is going to hit the 700 mil mark, the signs are all there with all these comic book films making noise, it's going to be a monster. Forget about all the records, they never stand for long anyway anymore, Batman is going to break a good number of them but for now bwahahahahahaha to the people that thought that this latest version of SM had limited appeal, they got it right and people are responding
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