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For instance

When uncle Ben dies, there's like little to no room for the mourning, they just move on with it. Sure there's that one scene with aunt May crying and all but that's all. What I thought was something that deserved at least a little bit of an emotional punch - just wasn't even there. If I remember correctly Raimi tackled that with a bit of emotion

But all in all, this take isn't bad. I think Andrew Garfield actually fits the bill for Spider-Man.
"Amazing" decided to show, not tell. It's very clear that Peter's impetus towards his path to heroism is his grief and anger over Ben's death. Peter decides to take action because of this and learns along the way that revenge is not the best way for him to come to terms or to get back at the guy who killed Ben, but by helping others in need. I don't want to disparage Raimi's SM because I like it just fine, but that film chose to show Peter's guilt and anger more through direct dialogue and scenes of crying. Both were effective in their own way, though overall I like "Amazing's" characterization of Peter better.
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