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Can anyone who is familiar with the Gwen Stacy/ Mary Jane thing clue me in on that? In that I mean, well, what is the history of these 2 characters, when does Gwen Stacy go away and Mary Jane come in? Are these characters from 2 different universes of the story? I am not a comic book guy, so please forgive my ignorance!
Soda already covered this, so I don't wanna be redundant, but Gwen Stacy was my primary concern coming into this movie. She was Pete's first love and they killed her off in 1973 (unless you count Betty Brant, which no one does). In the original run of ASM, up to 121 when she died, Gwen was very much the Good Girl. MJ was party girl and not even really a romantic interest for Pete, actually she was almost actually a bad character at first in that she was mean to Harry all the time which was partially responsible for Harry's infamous drug problems and such, while Gwen was the love of Pete's life. And, in a lot of ways, she still is. Her dying was easily the most important comic book moment of the 70's, and in my opinion it would be at least Top 5 on any list of important moments EVER.

Anyway, I was really worried about how they would handle her 'cuz like I said, she was the Good Girl. She was very caring and soulful and just good, with not a trace of the "bad girl" archetype that Hollywood loves so much. I thought for sure there would be a scene of Gwen kicking some guy in the nuts or something to show how strong and independent she is, 'cuz movies seem to think women's lib = shitty attitude, and was overjoyed that there wasn't. The casting had me worried too, as the only thing I remember seeing that Stone chick in prior to this was Zombieland, and her character there was the exact opposite of Gwen. But goddamn, did she knock it out of the park here. I fell in love with her twenty times during this flick, as I'm sure everyone else did, and that is Gwen in a nutshell. It wasn't just her who got it right either, but also the writers and even the wardrobe people, I was very VERY impressed with the way they handled Gwen. Her hair, her eyes, the miniskirts, even the leggings she wears, it was absolutely pitch perfect. They did their homework and obviously had great respect for the source material, and that earns a shit-ton of reps from me. The dude who played Peter wasn't exactly right (but was better than Maguire), but that Stone woman was so right in the role it literally sent chills down my spine at moments. I don't know how they're going to handle her or where they're going to go with it in sequels or whatever, but I was honestly moved by the fact that I got to see Gwen Stacy, the REAL Gwen Stacy (not that Spider-Man 3 horseshit) on the screen for two hours. It was amazing. She's the one character that I thought the movie would be most likely to mishandle completely, and holy shit it turns out she's the one they got exactly right.

Anyhoo, damn I rambled. In the comics she never knew that Pete was Spidey, they didn't meet until college, and there was a whole deal about her thinking Spider-Man was a villain, so the actual events in this movie weren't faithful to their comic relationship but the spirit of it was dead on.

The rest of it was good too. I give it 8/10.

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