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Well in my opinion we should be celebrating things as one nation not to the point where one is against the other

I know in America sometimes things still feel devived and the only way you stop that is working together

At the moment in Australia we are getting alot of immigration from alot of countrys it is good in a way but not in another

But when you talk about this alot of white aussies were against certain cultures who came to australia to ahve a new life

At first it was the Italians and greeks and then it was the asians and then at this moment it is Middleeastern people coming in by droves into Aus

So just like the Black africans there has always been didffrent cultural problems but in the end everyone will except each other in the end

Well you hope that in the coming years with Australia everyone gets along instead of causing mayhem and fighting

I would hate for Australia to be in the end up having a cival war on its door step
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