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Well that was disappointing.

This movie is so full of itself. It thinks it's oh so clever with Blake Lively's lame voice over and the first fake ending. And when we get the real ending it's rushed and anticlimatic.

John Travolta's character is by far the most interesting character in the movie IMO. So it's kind of disappointing that his screen time is actually quite minimal.

It's a well acted, good looking movie that opens promisingly enough despite some atrocious dialog here and there. But the middle portion of the movie starts getting a bit dull. There is a very brutal torture scene that woke me up and the movie had my attention but the ending was a letdown for reasons I already went in to.

I'm a huge fan of Oliver Stone's but this is definitely one of his lesser efforts and, sadly, one of the year's biggest disappointments.


PS: I will say this about the movie: the sex scenes are HOT!
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