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One thing I really liked about ASM was that Gwen was never REALLY the damsel like MJ was...all 3 times. Yes, she was at Oscorp and being hunted by Lizard, but she wasn't there to be rescued as a MJ was all 3 times. Hell, Gwen in SP3 was a damsel to be saved. It's the one thing I dislike about the SM movies was that MJ was always front row and centre when it came to the final battles. First movie it worked nicely, I'll give Raimi that. SM 2 needlessly did that with Doc Oc but it also kind of worked due to how Doc Oc and Peter had that short history together. SM3, just f#$@ed it up royally, be it one of MANY mistakes. So with that, I like that Captain Stacey told his daughter to leave and be safe.
Is it a saving grace for the film? Not really. I personally enjoyed it, not perfect by any means and it has plenty of flaws as does Raimi's series. And I'm probably one of the FEW that liked the body suit Goblin had in SM1 simply cause the mask would take too long for Osborn to just put on any second. So for me, while fans cried bloody murder, I liked that Goblin armour.
Overall, sometimes you just need to sit and enjoy. ASM has its flaws too, but for myself, I found enjoyment in it just as I did with SM1-3...even if 3 is hard to watch.

My only real beef with ASM is I disliked how the robbery lead to Ben's death and I the untold story was still untold. The rest I can enjoy.

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