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There is one thing I could of done without though.
Did they really have to kill the fuckin dog? Jeez
Haha, that's one of the more surprising things I've seen in a movie lately. I loved Sam's reaction to it though.

Suzy: Was he a good dog?
Sam: Who's to say?

Anyway, this is easily my favorite film of the year so far and while it is tough to rank it amongst Anderson's other films (which have, for the most part, received 9s and 10s from me) it's right up there with the very best. I think the thing that impressed me most about the film was how Anderson incorporated his Peanuts influence. He's done it many times in the past, but this is the first time that the main focus has been on very young kids. It has that kind of blunt and honest wit that makes Peanuts so great ("$70... it's mostly in nickels").

Everyone else has pretty much hit the nail on the head, so I won't go into too much more detail, but some highlights of the film for me included the tracking shot that introduces Ed Norton's character, the pilot saying "Hold on Social Services!", the scouts chasing Sam around in circles, and the acknowledgement that Redford was stabbed in the back with "lefty scissors". There are a ton of other great moments as well and I can't wait to revisit the film to pick up on things I missed the first time.

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