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This isn't an indictment of either Dunst's or Maguire's acting because i know they are both very talented but not only was their chemistry lacking in the Raimi versions but they genuinely seemed bored, almost as if they were doing the proverbial reading off of cue cards bit . Please don't get me started on that incessant theme that would play anytime both of them were together and getting all lovey, godawful . I remember my brother and me groaning in contempt at the little chat they had at the cemetery near the end of part 1, cheese infested nonsense, we felt like the scene would never end also ( we got shooshed by some theater patrons but we couldn't help ourselves )

It's genuinely painful to watch them interact with each other in those films, when i watch the films now there is an intense sense of disconnect almost as if they shot their scenes seperately and then they were spliced together later, even people shooting against a greenscreen by themselves show more emotion and depth than those two showed in their scenes together .

I definitely agree with you concerning that aspect of the first trilogy, it's what made them age poorly but for me even in light of that, part 2 is still a highly effective comic book hero movie in spite of itself
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