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Wow. I was just expressing my beliefs about the religion I was indoctrinated for 18 years in Bible school and all. If you don't care about the fact that the Bible clearly condemns me for being bisexual, than that's fine. That's your belief. The fact is I'm going to hell according to the three Abrahamic religions because I enjoyed having sex with women.If there is a God, When I die, I will not apologize for that. I love my fiancee, who is a man, but I've berm sexually attracted to women for longer than with men.Since childhood.Anyways, homosexuality and bisexuality is rampant in nature, God's creations. I never chose to be bi, so I would then ask him why he creates only tohave them suffer than be destroyed.This s not a supposed loving God, but then I'm speaking as if I believe such a God exists. I believe we now finally have the scientific proof now that he doesn't. Never thought I would see that in my lifetime.
The Bible says that being gay is an abomination. It doesn't say to hate gay people though or condemn them. Who is to say a gay person can't get into heaven?

As for there being scientific proof that God doesn't exist that is a LIE. Science doesn't have all the answers. But believe what you want.