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The similar slavery lines are in both films, but that's beside the point. Trust me, Erroneous, quoting lines from 25th Hour or American History X while making arguments is a path you do not want to go down. I did it once when I was an over-privileged 16 year old shit head living in a rural area where the black population was maybe 20. Looking back on it, it's one of my biggest regrets. In the case of 25th Hour, you left out the most important line in the monologue when Norton comes to the conclusion that he's really just pissed at himself. In the case of American History X, the line is stated shortly after his father has been killed by a black man and his hatred and misguided notions of race consume him and make him become a murderous skinhead. You're leaving out the part where he goes to jail, gets raped, realizes that his notions of black people were entirely off base, tries to get his brother out of the skinhead gang, and talks about how he's tired of being consumed by hate.
He or she is just seeing what they want to see in those monologues. No offense to anyone but White people don't really have the right to get offended or something racial. Hell there is still racism today. Not really that bad but it is out there.
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