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and i am yelling

"EVERYTHING IS MONEY, CHARLIE!" Name that movie????

Since you went to Wiki to learn I will fill you in a bit. Raimi quit, because Sony wanted to make Spiderman one way and it was not Raimi's way. Raimi did notmake Spidy 3 the way he wanted it to be. He was out way before he quit. He said so in interviews. Sony believes that they know better how to make a movie, so it would make more money. Decisions to make a sequel usually happens before the movie is even out. They test well and they green light stuff. Great opening weekends usually seal the deal.

And making a sequel has nothing to do with money and profits that I am speaking about. Wrath of the Titans made $302 million worldwide and cost $150 (not coutning marketing). The first one made almost $500 million and cost $125. Do you think the studio was happy? Fuck no! They made a profit, but they wanted to make at least another $500 mil. In their minds, they lost $200 mil. That is how Wall Street would look at it too. Time Warner is a publically traded company. I am sure there are lots of investors are mad that Titans did not make more.

Sony which is also publically traded. 7/2 opened at $14.12 a share. Right now as I type this it is at $13.42. That is 5%. That is a lot in 5 days. It is not all about Spiderman, but when expectations were for $200 mil plus in 6 days......... down, down, down
You have to be joking.
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