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of cause it doesnt change what happened years ago but you and other african Americans need to look at the future instead of talking about what happened in the past

It is not only the black americans who suffered through things

Look at the jewish people and look at what ahppened tot them in World War 2 and how they were treated and killed for being Jewish

look at the Middleeast at the moment on how people there are fighting each other and when you get rid of one dictator he is replaced with another
Look at the Aborigines and gow they were treated
I could go on and on about waht is happening in some palces and people are getting killed or there children watching there parents get shot or worse

I think we need to look at what we have now instead of going back in history all the time blaming one person or another it wont change what happened
They are all wrongdoings and never will be forgotten. Not like the Germans tell the Jews to "move on".
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