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Did anyone else stay for the credits? Our theater, the kid would announce an instrument and some would play and others wouldn't. I have to think that the theater had their surround speakers cut out and am worried that it was like this through the whole movie, but am hoping that they just did it at the end in preparation for raising the lights.

As a slightly related side - One of the coolest things happened at the end. The ushers came in the sweep up and this always drives me crazy -- They will stand there staring at everyone during credits, as if to say "Let's go, I have work to do." This time, that didn't happen. The usher walked in and saw there were still people seated and turned around to inform the other ushers they needed to wait. They ended up not coming in until we were leaving. I just thought that was awesome!

And speaking of awesome...

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I think the thing that impressed me most about the film was how Anderson incorporated his Peanuts influence.
Awesome that you say that. Before the movie, I was just kind of thinking about Anderson and had a thought I shared with my wife. I mentioned that it seemed really cool to me that Anderson's original Bottle Rocket short used Peanuts music and now he had made a movie about kids, with adults as secondary characters - something I see as a trademark of those cartoons, the idea of the kid world being a universe unto itself. And like you said he nailed it with this one. We both had a laugh-alone moment when they mentioned the dog's name.

It's cool that this movie is sparking so many of these kinds of insights on the boards. Very persnickety types of details that I think we all like about his movies. This reminds me of the Lawn Wranglers group days.

EDIT: And I just remembered something I wanted to add while in another Anderson thread -- Where was Owen Wilson at in this movie? There was a Wilson-esque character, but I couldn't spot him anywhere. Not even in bedside pictures!

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