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No you quoted a line from American History X and then the monologue from the 25th Hour. You don't even know the movies that you quoted.

Stop quoting lines that you don't know where they are from or even what they mean. You failed to bring up that both times Edwad Norton's characters realized that they were either wrong or just pissed off at himself.
Quoting The Social Network "Opps"

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The first line he quoted is actually from 25th Hour, from the monologue. It's very similar to a line in American History X.
Thank you.

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Well I guess that line is from the 25th hour.

Either way it is foolish to quote that and try to make it seem like it is good grounds to say to stop talking about slavery. He only went on that rant because he was mad that he was going to jail.

Like I said, white people don't have the right to be racially offended. Not that is really happens outside of America or Canada anyway. It doesn't changes the years of oppression that African Americans were faced with in this country.
I am sorry, but you could not be more wrong. I am not goign to try to explain it and waste my time. You are not going to change your mind or read history and learn the truth.

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I stand corrected, there was a similar line in both movies. As for being rude, I don't ever recall intentionally trying to insult you. If I ever said anything that offended you, I'm truly sorry. All I know is that in my 10 years of posting on these forums, I've never been contacted by a mod for disrespectful behavior.
OK I forgive you. We are friends now. If I have ever offended you, I am sorry.

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White people don't have a history of being oppressed and enslaved. That is what I am getting at. America has always catered to white people first.
People (whites included) have been enslaved since the beginning of time.

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