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They are all wrongdoings and never will be forgotten. Not like the Germans tell the Jews to "move on".
Jews did not need anyone to tell them to move on. They just did. They started their own country in a land that no one wanted until they moved in. They have to fight in order to stay there, because the other people in that area do not want them to live. They moved all over the world and succeeded. That includes the Orthodox ones that stick out every bit as much as African Americans. I never hear Jews complain about 2000 years of slavery they dealth with unless it is in a joke. You don't see them use that like a crutch why they can't they their shit together. I am not ammune that black people have it harder, because of the color of their skin, but you don't see American Muslims and Indian (India and American Indians) complain all the time about how they are treated in this country. They just go out and become doctors and buy every gas station and 7 11nd succeed. I am not saying African Americans are not succeeding, but I feel it is wrong to keep holding onto slavery and use it as an excuse all the time. I am not saying forget, but you don't need to bring it up and keep it in your back pocket like some ace to play. We all know slavery happened (not unlike some people think the holocaust never happened) and all about all the injustices African American have had to deal with and it is truly sad, but I believe in my heart of heart martin luther king jr if he were alive today would tell you all to move on and up.
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