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With the exception of the Irish and some Italians, most white people don't have a history of being physically or institutionally discriminated against in this country. There's a historical basis for most kinds of harmful language or stereotypes. This doesn't really exist for white people.

This is what Chris Rock is getting at. Our ancestors had completely different experiences from one another. The idea that there's some singular "American Experience" is a complete falsehood. This is a country of immigrants, and when in history has there ever been an immigrant experience that was a totally smooth and seamless transition?
I understand the basis of the joke, but to say that white people can't be racially offended because of something that some with similar skin color were part of (and many of them ENDED) nearly 150 years ago is so incredibly idiotic, so horrifically stupid, and so horrendously uninformed, that I worry about Flimmaker1473 leaving his group home without a helmet on lest he damage the insignificant, miniscule, and practically nonexistent handful of brain cells he has left swimming around in that hot air balloon / septic tank of a skull.

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White people don't have a history of being oppressed and enslaved. That is what I am getting at. America has always catered to white people first.
However, that's not the case today, and to say that white people have no right to be offended because of what the ancestors of some may have done is racist. How about if I said that blacks have no right to complain about slavery since most slaves were shipped here by other African tribes? Slavery was not just a blacks vs. whites thing.

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