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I am not reporting you, but stuff like this can and will get you reported. I suggest you temper your words (yeah, that came from me). Like someone else said, we have seen former people come back before and say the exact same thing. Either way, I don't care. I hope you last. You are fun to read. And you are welcome for defending you. I don't see anyone else defending on on here, but this idiot.... oh troll I am a troll.

You must be on other sites or know a whole lot about this site to know about my history and what a troll is and how to avoid private messages which has to be turned off to stop. I am not buying your back story. I smell something rotten in Denmark Mr the site would not let me change my location from Alabama to Maryland.
This is my last post that will dignify a response to you. Can't fix stupid. And stupid is forever.
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