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Well said. But would your friend's parents let you date her as a girl? hmmmm
Also, when the Italians first came to America, they were discriminated against as well. Every new incoming culture experienced it. The mafia grew out of the Italian stuff.
Ha! Fuck no! they were fundamentalists, and if there was one thing that's worse than being black, it's being a queer. Little do they know we used to watch porn together and fool around. Hahahahaha!My first of many lesbian trysts. Ahhh memories! Yes you are defintely right. I think the Native Americans have it the worst really. They lost their country, then were reduced to a paltry sum. Plus they live on shity reservations with few prospects outside of gambling and professional alcoholism. I always feel uncomfortable celebrating Thanksgiving, but then the food is put in front of my face, and how quickly I forget. Shame
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