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Unfortunately cruelty is a lot like gossip. We don't have the patience to hear the same line over and over again. Sean Penn agrees. I can probably understand an amount of Erroneous' frustration with history, exempting the definable historical difference between black immigrants and other immigrants (black immigrants having less immigrated here than shipped here as slaves against their will). I suppose it could be frustrating when slavery gets referenced as the base of the issue, because as an issue, it can't be solved. It already happened. Putting aside some absurdity in having this conversation because of Chris Rock's tweet, I would like to think someone frustrated with their impression of outspoken voices about black culture is frustrated in part because nobody wants any people to feel entitled to victimization. It's unhealthy for those in question and it's unproductive for society as a whole, and to make matters worse, it doesn't seem particularly hard to convince anyone they are being persecuted in the first place.

Being white, I have a limited deck of anecdotes for these things (and unconvincing ones at that), but I have known a few fellow pales who moved to other countries for extended durations and experienced varying degrees of prejudice? or maybe racism? or maybe culture clash? In both Mexico, China and Japan my bros have encountered a fair number of hoes whose misters and mammas disapproved of dating someone outside the culture/race/ethnicity, and in China someone encountered some issues with employment. Yes, I'm very white. Ahem. Before you wonder why I said "both" despite listing three countries, I just want to acknowledge I know these anecdotes are distant from anything resembling a reflection of stateside black culture / white culture. They are just illustrations. I'm sure I would shrug off xenophobia in japan because our countries have a pretty decent relationship and acknowledgement of each others' cultures. I also wasn't raised in an environment where Pearl Harbor was nurtured to be any kind of vilifying, perpetual symbol of disdain Japanese have for Americans (anymore than Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been nurtured in Japan as any kind of vilifying perpetual symbol of disdain Americans have for Japanese). I don't know why some atrocities stick in our eternal character and some don't. Maybe it lies in the difference between Here and Over There, when slavery happened here, by us, and some parts of black culture have the impression of prejudice in their own home, where they were born, and not some other country.

We can argue about the legitimacy of another person's life experience all we want (and that's not to say this is a meaningless argument), but it still comes down to whether or not our life experience matches a stranger's, whether or not we have the authority to denounce theirs. I have a life experience that suggests my country is most prejudicial towards the poor in poverty - more so than any particular race, religion, affiliation. Although certain people seem to have proclivities for poverty, suggesting a shared issue.
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