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Magjournal, I completely agree that you shouldn't feel bad at all, but I must say from my experience as a Dominican, bisexual woman. If you continually receive some sort of disparity whatever it is? for most of your life, it does make life pretty hard to deal with. All I ever heard from my parents are that since your Hispanic and black and a girl, you have to be that much smarter and well behaved then every one else, Especially white kids. Every minority with parents who give a shit heads that. Now they're puertorican who are very light skinned who could pass for white. Anyways, sometimes the pressure of trying to be better to earn respect is very hard to handle. I did well for myself because Thor them teaching me the value of hard work and education, but I almost cracked under the pressure. Luckily when I moved out on my own I found adult relaxation techniques that help me cope so much better

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