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These people must be around stupid people, but I have never heard any of them, but one. Where is she from? And the only reason I am asked that is when I say she is not American. Or maybe it is because I am in a liberal state and mixed races is not a big deal here at all.
I would say that has something to do with it. I grew up in a small all white town and moved to Toronto which is probably the most multicultural city in Canada. You see interracial couple all over the place in Toronto but in my home town, when i lived there growing up, you would probably be hard pressed to find more then one or two.

Now this wan't cause my home town is biggoted or anything as much as... well.... its just mostly all white ppl who live there so there isn't the opportunity. Back then i could definitely see some ppl around town saying something like the list you posted but i think it would be more because it just wasn't something you saw around there more then any kind of prejudice or ignorance.

These days though, when i go back to visit, there are definitely more ppl of different enthnic backgrounds so i'm sure interracial relationships are more common and i would hope the understanding would increase as well.

But in terms of those on the other side getting offended by these questions its all a matter of the person. Ppl choose what offends them. Sure there are things that can make ppl sick or angry but in the end its your own personal energy your expending to feel that way when the alternative is to just not care.

There was this funny black guy (i know that sounds strange but its part of the story) that i worked with for a while back in my home town. He was telling me about a conversation with some friends that went something like this:

Friend: So you have a white girl friend?

Guy: Yeah, why?

Friend: I dunno, just seems strange.

Guy: Strange? I live in a town where all i see are white ppl. How is it strange that i have a white girl friend?

Needless to say the guy could have gotten offended by his friends comment but chose not to and instead make a joke and all was good.
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