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This is going to come of racist, but I don't care. As a person who has been to 40 something of the 50 states, I will say that African Americans from Maryland seem to have their shit together much better than other African Americans around the country. Mixed relationships are openingly accepted there. Maryland seems like one of the better states for race relations.
I wonder why Maryland is like this while other states struggle with crime and other things

Is Maryland more upmarket in class

I know l have watched a few shows where the black people seem to be always in trouble also they are targeted because of there colour too

You alos see where some of the african americans live and quite afew are struggling to survivie while whites seem to be better off in alot of areas

Also l remember when they had the hurricane in a black area
I can not rember the name of the state but l know help was not given to the blacks straight away while if you were white you would ahve had help

The hurricane happened when president bush was in power

I found that he didnt care less about the black people when they were getting flooded out

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