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That's a BOLD statement.

Also, it is probably wrong. A very big reason TDK made so much was because of Ledger. He got HUGE buzz for two reasons a) he did an excellent Joker and b) he died and there was huge sympathy for him. And then came the oscar buzz. Remember that, oscar buzz for an actor in a comic book movie?

Now I agree he did a great job, he was by far the best thing about that movie and without him it would be average at best. However, I don't think he deserved the award. But I digress. Point is, all of this accounted for a LARGE percentage of TDK box office. And I don't see any Heath Ledger Jokers in any of the TDKR trailers or clips yet. Tom Hardy's no Heath Ledger and Bane is no Joker.

It'll do what Batman Begins did, 350-400 mill.
I hear this argument a lot, and while I think Heath and the quality of his performance and his untimely death added to the mystery and excitement over TDK, I think the series is now at a point where people are on board for the finale regardless of his presence. Tracking for TDKR speaks to an over $200 million opening weekend, and while it may not top The Avengers, I think it will do at least as well as TDK, but probably better.

Batman Begins only made $205 million domestic. The Dark Knight Rises will likely make that in 3 days.
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