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USA Olympic uniforms made in China

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid slammed the U.S. Olympic Committee Thursday over reports that the Team USA uniforms were made in China, saying officials "should burn" them.

Reid, D-Nev., made the remarks following reports that China has already taken gold from America by manufacturing the uniforms Team USA will wear during the opening ceremonies.

I think the Olympic Committee should be ashamed, Reid told reporters on Capitol Hill. He said they should "burn" the current uniforms, and would rather America's athletes wear shirts with "USA" hand-painted on them.
Joke of the year. People from both sides of the aisle are ripping into this. If Obama were really smart, he would have this fixed in a couple days and win some votes. If Romney were really smart, he should pay for this out of his pocket and rip into Obama, because it will help him win a few votes. Either way, this is just a sad joke in a troubled economic times for America.
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