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I said Ledger was a big reason you said that I said he was the only reason. Big difference there and not just "so many words" as you say. Entirely different meaning.

Like I said, I think the fact that this film lacks that will hurt it in the long run. I stated it as opinion, not fact. So therefore it is a hunch not requiring a "substantive argument" because at this point it is just a prognostication. It could be proven wrong in a few weeks it could be proven right. No argument right now is going to alter that. It is my hunch.

Isn't that was this thread is for, box office PREDICTIONS?
Well I don't mean to put words in your mouth, so forgive me if that's how it came across as. However, that doesn't change any of the things I disagreed with you about. I agree with Kenshin that the Joker character is what can pull in a big audience as opposed to Ledger's death. People were hyped to see the Joker and raving about potential Oscar nominations long before he passed away. I remember people going apeshit during filming when Caine said he was so terrified by Ledger that he forgot his lines.

I'm going to quote so we're sure I'm not putting words into your mouth:

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That's a BOLD statement.

Also, it is probably wrong. A very big reason TDK made so much was because of Ledger. He got HUGE buzz for two reasons a) he did an excellent Joker and b) he died and there was huge sympathy for him. And then came the oscar buzz. Remember that, oscar buzz for an actor in a comic book movie?

It'll do what Batman Begins did, 350-400 mill.
That was in reference to Bourne saying TDKR will make more than TDK. First of all, your numbers for Batman Begins are wrong, it didn't make that much domestically. Second, it's not unreasonable to think that TDKR will make more than its predecessor. It's the finale of a very popular and successful trilogy, early buzz from screenings is very good, to the point of saying it's the best of the series. Sequels that are well received typically make more money than the film that came before it. The hype is there and there are no dead actors to pin it on.

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My crowd maybe different than yours. No one I know reads comic books or plays video games. Another thing, no one I know even knows who Bane is, never heard of him until now. And if you think this segment of people didn't make up a large chunk of TDK business, you are wrong.
Again, this argument falls apart when you realize The Avengers made a billion dollars without an immensly popular character like the Joker, or any standout performances. Comic book movies have entered the mainstream and can make a shitload of money without a hyped performance or dead actor.

When you look at the trends, the concept of Ledger making up such a large chunk of TDK business is something that exists in your head. Just because Ledger is one of the most talked about aspects of the movie, doesn't mean people are just going to abandon the franchise due to his absence in the sequel.
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