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1.) Pulp Fiction -10/10
2.) Magnolia -10/10
3.) There Will Be Blood -10/10
4.) Jackie Brown -10/10
5.) Boogie Nights -9/10
6.) Kill Bill: Volume 1 -9/10
7.) Reservoir Dogs -8/10
8.) Kill Bill: Volume 2 -8/10
9.) Hard Eight -8/10
10.) Inglourious Basterds -7.5/10
11.) Punch Drunk Love -6/10
12.) Death Proof -6/10

Pulp Fiction is better than anything PT's made, but Magnolia and There Will Be Blood are not far behind and are leagues better than anything else QT's made since Jackie Brown 15 years ago. I think Anderson has now proven himself the more talented director and where QT may have once had the edge as the best working screenwriter, his last several scripts have had a lot of problems, especially with the dialogue that was their signature.

Ultimately it goes to Anderson because Tarantino's last 4 and next movie have all been variations on the same movie - revenge genre pic steeped in 70s exploitation homage - itself a variation on other movies, and Anderson has shown incredible ambition and success at making wildly different pictures that are still very much his own. Anderson has and continues to grow while Tarantino remains stunted and may even be devolving.

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