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As a slightly related side - One of the coolest things happened at the end. The ushers came in the sweep up and this always drives me crazy -- They will stand there staring at everyone during credits, as if to say "Let's go, I have work to do." This time, that didn't happen. The usher walked in and saw there were still people seated and turned around to inform the other ushers they needed to wait. They ended up not coming in until we were leaving. I just thought that was awesome!
I've been working at a Landmark Theater chain cinema here in DC (The E St. Cinema) for this summer and it should please you that at my theater, it's directed that all ushers are NOT allowed to begin clean-up until either all guests have cleared out during credits or until the lights fully go back up after credits finish.

Even if there's 2 guests still sitting through the credits, in that scenario, I'm not allowed to go in to clean up until the lights go back up after credits finish. I actually really like the rule which gives the movies a little more respect, so to speak.
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