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Not a fan of Tarantino. Pulp Fiction wasn't the worst experience I've had watching a movie in terms of thinking "oh my god when will this be over!" but it ranks pretty high up there with some other clunkers. Some of the acting was decent but nothing too memorable. Same goes for Inglorious Basterds. Somewhat better movie, decent acting, but overall not so hot. Haven't seen any other Tarantino movies as the 0 for 2 has set a bad precedent for me. I'm open minded but none of his other stuff strikes me as something i'd like.

I prefer Anderson. There Will Be Blood is great all around. Boogie Nights is o.k. but I don't have the same love for it that others do. The Master looks great though. Hopefully it will be sufficiently different from There Will Be Blood as there are obvious similarities and it would be disappointing to see Anderson's five year break not result in something fresh.
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