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This is what I foresee happening. This thing won't sell very well, but with a great concept like this, other companies (Microsoft, Sony) will use such features in their upcoming consoles and make millions.
Well thats the thing though, its not about hardware or software competition like motion control did for the Wii vs Move/Kenect or AAA games. Its about the fact that independent developers can't really do console games cause its too costly.

This is about going against the established market that the consoles have. I can't imagine Sony/Ninentdo/Microsoft releasing consoles that allow to to create your own stuff, tweak existing content or have their library free to play which is what the Ouya is hoping to offer.

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Meh. I would certainly never buy it. Is there really a market for people who want to play angry birds on their big screen TV?
You're missing the point completely. this isn't being made so that you can play Angry Birds on your tv. Its being made so that the type of ppl who made Angry Birds can take their games to the next lvl and design them around being played on a tv.

The problem is that these independent companies are forced to make games for smart phones/tablets because thats the only platforms that currently exist that they can afford to make for. The Ouya is out to change that, hopefully.

I can't wait to see what stuff these guys come up with. Since getting a tablet i've played more then a few games where i wished i was on a console on a tv instead of a smaller touch screen. The games are already coming out.
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