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The game starts to stall around Hell difficulty. Playing through the same area's with the same character can get a bit boring after a while. For me i haven't played for probably a week or two but it was more because i've pretty much hit a wall in terms of difficulty.

I think i'm in act 2 of Hell as a Demon Hunter adn i just get over whelmed by the groups of elite/special mobs. I read that the DH is a "glass canon" class (high dmg but low defense) and that i was pretty much going to have to switch to skills i wasn't using or used to keep on surviving.

I'll probably play it some more but i'm in no rush. I started a Wizard so perhaps that will get me back in.
Yea i started with DH too but got fed up when i kept getting killed over and over near the end of Nightmare so i swapped to my Barbarian wich ive sort of played as an alt and i gotta say ive enjoyed the game a lot more. Missus is playing a Monk and she kicks plenty of butt on it too so it seems melee is king atm.

If you still intend to give the DH a go, hop in the auction house and get your hands on some nifty 500+ dps weapon/s if you havent yet, trick is to look for level 60 items with reduced level requirement. Dont know what the prices are like on the US realm but in EU that stuff is pretty affordable.
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