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"How did you guys not blow yourselves up yet. Sorry about the nukes." Einstein would then disappear in a puff of ghostly smoke filled shame. link to audio of chappelle on the founders

On Hitler and Israel:

"Nationalism continues to appeal to the depleted because other prospects appear bleaker. The culture of the ancestors was destroyed; therefore, by pragmatic standard, it failed; the only ancestors who survived were those who accommodated themselves to the invader's system, and they survived on the outskirts of garbage dumps. The varied utopias of poets and dreamers and the numerous "mythologies of the proletariat" have also failed; they have not proven themselves in practice; they have been nothing but hot air, pipe dreams, pies in the sky; the actual proletariat has been as racist as the bosses and the police.

The packer and the security guard have lost contact with the ancient culture; pipe dreams and utopias don't interest them, are in fact dismissed with the practical businessman's contempt toward poets, drifters and dreamers. Nationalism offers them something concrete, something that's been tried and tested and is known to work. There's no earthly reason for the descendants of the persecuted to remain persecuted when nationalism offers them the prospect of becoming persecutors. Near and distant relatives of victims can become a racist nation-state; they can themselves herd other people into concentration camps, push other people around at will, perpetrate genocidal war against them, procure preliminary capital by expropriating them. And if "racial relatives" of Hitler's victims can do it, so can the near and distant relatives of the victims of a Washington, Jackson, Reagan or Begin."

Are we enemies now Erroneous? ha. Not looking to get into a big debate, just something to think about.
Color me impressed. Perlman's a great writer, thinker, and human being. I don't agree with his primitivist tendencies, but Continuing Appeal and Against HIStory are excellent and worthwhile reads. Welcome to the boards.

As for the three dead people, I'd much rather have dinner with the living.
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