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While I partly agree with you about visuals being a draw for movies, I disagree that Nolan is not one by himself. I went to a midnight imax showing of inception when it first came out and all anyone in the sold out crowd could talk about was how great a writer/director Nolan was. They were all sold on the movie being awesome because of him. Having a great actor like Leo in the lead doesn't hurt either. Of course, I do agree that a director has to come out with interesting looking work to garner an audience for it, but Nolan has become such a draw that a common movie goer can look at a preview for a movie of his that they had no prior knowledge of and recognize his signature. Right now, he's the biggest director working today and it's because he's earned a reputation for creating interesting and engaging films.

In the case of Transformers there was a pre-existing franchise that the film was based off of. Visuals are not enough. If they were, then films like Wanted would guarantee huge profits every time.

You have to understand that the sample size you are talking about. Midnight Imax showing???? Those are not your average movie goers. You can't count their opinion in why a movie made as much as it did. Nor can you count people like use (movie lovers). Normal movie going people are not showing up at midnight just because they love the director.

What you did was like going to Green Bay and ask them why they are Packers fans.
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