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Digital vs. Print (Comics)

I am torn on this. I just purchased a Kindle Fire about a week ago and I really enjoy it. I use the Comixology app on it, but it sucks because for some odd reason the specific Fire app doesn't have DC comics at all. You have to go to their website, purchase the DC book and then somehow sync it over to the app itself (which is an un-necessary pain in the ass).

I have been reading The Walking Dead on it, and have quite enjoyed it so far.... But I miss print and I don't want my LCS (Local Comic Shop) and other comic stores going outta business either. Plus, I DO miss the tangible holding of said comic and flipping through the pages.... However collecting them in print (bagging & boarding/boxing) can get costly as well as eventually become a space issue too.

So yeah.... I'm leaning more towards going back to print, but am still on the fence at this point in time.
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