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I can't stand digital comics.

Years ago i had every issues of Amazing/Spectaular/Web of Spider Man on my computer and viewed them through a special program that i can't recall the name but the comic file extensions were .cbz. I thought it would be cool to read through them all but in the end just killed my neck and eyes. I tried to do the actual company ones as well (Marvel and DC) but i hated how you only focused on a single box and then it moved around the page, it just bothered me.

These days, with the rise of digital reading devices, i might of had a better time with it but its already been ruined for me. The only reason i would want comics on a device now would be because i don't want to risk damaging the real comic by traveling with it. But for the most part Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks suffice well enough.

I think the big problem for me is that unless you are going to read comics that always fit the page the same way you're not going to find a reader program that will always display properly. I'm talking about stuff like 2 page spreads or like in Fables where there's stuff outside the boxes on the page.

Its print or nothing for me, when i read something i like to see my progress in the thickness of the pages remaining. Even though i have a tablet that could view them i'd rather us it for games or video's and just have a book with me instead/as well.
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