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^ I would love to see a teaser with TDKR.
Well, if they don't attach even a teaser to TDKR, then they're dropping the ball pretty early. Doesn't mean it won't have chances to expose itself, they're still a year away, but still - how is showing footage to lots of nerds and geeks at a con going to spread the word of mouth? Yet they completely shun a majority by not showing even a little bit with a teaser? Kinda illogical 'radio silence' if you ask me. I just watched the panel and GDT made it seem like the audience at a Con is some special bunch and that after the Con they go silent til December. Throw the rest of the world a fucking bone already. They don't have to show what they showed at the Con, but they can tease us ala Cloverfield teaser in '07. At least that much would be nice.

I hope what he said at the panel does not apply to a teaser - if one will be attached to TDKR.
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