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Yeah, CBR sounds about right now that you mention it.

That's the unforunate thing about moving towards all this online storage stuff like cloud and what not, if someone fucks with it a ton of ppl get effected. I like having a file i can back up in some way.

These days lots of stuff gets collected in trades and the like with even alot of the older popular stuff getting collected in the Essentials from Marvel, i can't recall the name of the DC ones. I have all but a for Amaznig Spider Man and Uncanny X-Men essentials and their great.
I hear ya... Omnibus's are also a good way to get a HUGE collection of issues in one solid hardcover book as well. The only thing I don't like about Marvel's Essentials, is that they're in black & white. When it comes to super hero comics, I've gotta have some colour!
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