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We had the thread guessing which film will win best picture next year, but let's take those same films being predicted for Oscar glory, and guess which one will be the biggest bomb. I'm only posting the ones that I hear the biggest buzz for so far, but I do have The Other option on the poll. I'm not including Beasts of the Southern wild or The Surrogate because we already have reviews for them, positive for both.

Last year around this time, J. Edgar was predicted to get a shitload of nomiations and a probable win for DiCaprio and we know what happened there.

What I'm really asking is which films do you think will get zero nominations or at least none of the big ones being predicted for it.
Man, I'm not sure but you are dead on about J Edgar. what a POS film that was. I was expecting greatness but we got a turd instead.

I like Leo but I'll probably go with The Great Gatsby. Looks like Leo did it for a paycheck.
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