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NBCís own Rick Chandler has a fortified compound in the environs around Lake Tahoe, and each July he goes to the American Century Golf Celebrity Golf Championship. Jamie Moyer is there this year, and Rick talked to him. Whatís the plan, Old Man Moyer?

ďIím not retired, Iím not retired. Iím just kind of laying in the weeds and just trying to figure out whatís going on,Ē Moyer said. ďIím just going to step back after the season and assess whatís going on, and see how I feel and go from there.

Thatís the thing about baseball. Very rarely does it allow you to decide when youíre retired. It decides for you, and it seems that after about ten more years than anyone else gets in the game, it has decided that Moyer is retired. But hey, if he wants to try again heís more than welcome. Everyone likes Jamie Moyer.

Especially David Justice, if the anecdote Moyer tells Rick is to be believed. Go check it out. I think it calls for someone to run a tracer on it to see if it really happened, but I want it to be true.
Jamie, you are not retired, but you should retire. There are no weeds. You are an old man who can not get it done anymore. Just give up the ghost and retire.

For the record, Bernie Williams never officially retired. He is still considered an active player. Odd fact
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