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I'll probably be hated on for this, but:
Dawn of the Dead

Yeah, the original was influential. Yeah, there are some good moments. but:
1. It is still extremely cheesy. Maybe it's supposed to be part Horror, part Comedy, but there are better movies in that genre as well.
2. The blue make-up looks bad when compared to the effects we can do today. Like that apartment scene. I see that one black guy and think, "When did Richard Pryor drown?"

The remake is a pure blast. Not the greatest movie ever made, but still awesome. And don't even start crying to me about running zombies. There's a good chance that if your body chemistry has changed enough to make you and undead, cannibalistic corpse, then it could probably bypass rigor-mortis.
I totally agree! This is always the first remake (of a sequel no less!) that comes to mind when this topic is brought up...
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