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Get your commercials off my dvd already

There was a point in time when a movie going experience was simple. You sa down, saw some stupid trivia, curtain opens and trailers start then the movie. Now we have to sit through endless commercials, both done for the theatre experience and actual ON TV commercials all before the trailers. It's pissing me off...Much like dvd's are these days. With VHS we always could fast forward trailers and FBI warning etc. Now, MANY dvd/blu-rays, you can't even skip to the actual main menu.
This is one reason why I am pro-pirate. I can slap it on a USB, put it on my PS3 and start watching the film right there. It angers me that for many of my dvd's and blu-rays, I can't even forward the FBI warnings, that we have known about since VHS times, nor being able to skip "commentary is not the companies fault" warning etc. Many times you have to wait a good 5-10 JUST to get to the menu screen. I've even seen DVD's that play TV commercials on them.
I don't know about all of you but I didn't pay money to wait for TV commercials and trailers to end. I paid so I can watch a movie I really enjoyed. STOP PUTTING THAT CRAP UP BEFORE THE MOVIE.
Now, I get ads are important, everyone does it these days. Made youtube less fun, however I would prefer ads and trailers be in a special features area, where I can optionally view them but more importantly, put in the dislk and WATCH MY DAMN MOVIE WITHIN A MINUTE!!!
I;m tired of ads taking up my time. I am more than aware about the FBI warning and "don't pirate me" clause. Let me at least SKIP that shit and play my damn movie.

side note: I do condone pirating. The only benefit it has for me, aside from saving money, is being able to play my movie instantly. I have downloaded in he past, probably will in the future, but I have also gone to theatres to see the movie I pirated because I enjoyed the movie.

anyway, anyone else feel this whole "ads ads ads" thing needs to be cut down or at least less intrusive? I should be able to put a dvd or blu-ray disk in my PS3, hit one button and be taken to the main menu and skip ALL things in between.

end rant
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