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Paterno is dead. I doubt he gives a damn. Instead, taking away wins hurts the living student athletes who work hard and are completely innocent of any crimes.
His family is alive and still doing their best to hide the truth. They are privately paying for their own investigation. lol His son was on staff and you know he knew.

I will say this a different way. If you work for a company and the big bosses make decisions and choices that kill the business, innocent people lose their jobs and get hurt. Those big bosses get golden parachutes. It is not fair or good, but that is life. The NCAA did what they had to do. They did right, but the innocent children that were hurt when Joe and Penn St could have stopped it. Those student athletes do not lose their education. That is why they went to Penn St. Education is the job of Penn St. Besides taking away wins is what the NCAA does. When USC lost wins just because of some little thing Bush did, where was your outcry for the others that did nothing wrong? for the school that had nothing to do with anything?
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