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I'd argue TDKR made MORE because of the shooting. It was always going to be extremely frontloaded just like Twilight or Harry Potter. You can't project a weekend off those midnight shows with a fan base like Batman.

I've heard and read many people say, "I wasn't going to see it but I wasn't going to let a punk terrorist win."

Plus, the movie was being talked about 24/7 and that's free advertising and sparks curiosity. TDKR might actually have legs now even though word of mouth (from most non-fanboys) is saying it's a mediocre movie.
Sorry Murph, but I think you might be off-base there... the movie got an A Cinemascore and is getting high marks from imdb, rotten tomatoes, metacritic and most people I've talked to. Of course, some of those fanboys will be voting 10s and jacking those scores up right now, but overall I think it's getting some pretty damn good word of mouth. Really curious to see how next weekend goes over. We shall see I guess.
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