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Minka Kelly Sex Tape

A sex tape allegedly featuring Minka Kelly is reportedly being shopped.

The video is said to be 30 minutes long and shows Kelly with an ex-boyfriend, according to TMZ.

It’s unclear exactly when the tape was shot, although two songs from Brandy’s 1998 album “Never Say Never” are supposedly featured in the video.

TMZ claims that Kelly is aware of the camera in the footage.

The site points out that there’s a slight possibility that Kelly, who turned 18 on June 24, 1998 — sixteen days after Brandy’s album was released — could have been a minor at the time the sex was filmed.
Minka is a cutie. Might help her career into another level. I don't understand why they think because a song that was released a couple weeks before her 18th birthday makes this an underage video. As if she does not be listening to it after she turned 18. I guess if I make a sex video with a Beatles song playing in the background my video was made before I was born.

Hmm nice.
A bit of a nip slip still of the video.

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