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Thanks for the response, but...
I believe though that Bane, Talia, and the others must have already known Bruce Wayne was Batman since they were all once part of the League of Shadows (Ra's al Ghul and the League go to Wayne's birthday party in Batman Begins - they have always known that he was Batman) not to mention they gain control of Wayne Enterprise to get the Tumblers, etc.

And Bane was exiled from the League of Shadows, I don't believe Revenge would be his motivator. That I can bite. But what does that accomplish for Bane and his men? It seems that there should be some more to that...I just dont know...
Good point about the League knowing about Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. I was thinking Bane needed to confirm who Batman was which was why he had Selina collect his fingerprints. Perhaps I'm a little confused about a few points as well...

But why should there be more to the League of Shadows' plan? In Batman Begins, Ra's Al Ghul said they existed to destroy a city once it reaches the "pinnacle of its decadence". In this, they returned to do just that, the job they had failed to do before. And in the process, they wanted to punish and torture the man who stopped them before - Batman/Bruce Wayne - and make him helpess to watch as the city crumbles. Sure Bane was exiled before, but the plan for him (and even moreso for Talia of course) definitely had to do with REVENGE.
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